Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Got Tagged...

-Link to the person who tagged you.
-Post the rules on your blog.
-Write Six Random Things about yourself.
-Tag six-or-so other people at the bottom of the post.
-Leave comments on their blogs, letting them know they've been tagged!
-Let the person who tagged you know when you've written the post.

1. I don't like belly buttons. I don't like touching my own belly button and I can't stand to see anyone else touch their's either.
2. I love wearing hoodie sweatshirts. It's my shirt of choice from fall to spring. I even sleep in them. They are just so cozy!
3. I am a pile maker. I have my own style of organization. I can usually find anything I need or at least know which pile to look in to find it. The bad thing about this form of organziation is that the piles are everywhere. I have one pile on the back corner in the kitchen usually full of bills and such. Another pile stays under the intable between the two couches. I also have at least two piles at all times in the bedroom, usually clothes. Thank goodness Jonathon is a patient man!
4. I overbook myself all the time. If you are ever trying to make plans with me or if I ever forget to do something very simple, please keep in mind that it's probably because I have so much going on at all times that I forget things unless I write them down. Tell me to write it down...
5. I love to dance. Sometimes I turn music on when I'm by myself and get it out of my system. It's good exercise and it energizes me. It doesn't matter how silly I look because nobody is around.

Okay, so now I tag Jami, Megan, Laura, Sulayne, Terri, and Michelle.


chris and megan said...

Yay! I've been tagged! Okay--I can completely relate to your #1. I feel like the older I get, the more I gag. I used to just hate the touching of belly buttons...but now I gag at the touching of belly buttons :)

chris and megan said...

I just went back to your blog to copy and paste the tagging rules. It said to write 6 things...but I think you wrote 5! You best start thinking of #6! hehe :)

Jami said...

I'm done. Check it out.

chris and megan said...

Me again! I did it :)g

The Cox Family said...

you've been tagged! LOL! Popular person! come on over to my blog!